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Sleepless in Kendallville

November 5th, 2015 ·No Comments

I really wasted today, and I’m sorry about that. I didn’t just vegetate, but there was a pattern of letting chores push me – and I was pretty selective about which chores I pushed back. Most of them just rolled over me like a tsunami.

I did some reading, but it was a novel and I’ve read so many well-written novels that I doubt it added too much to my language ability or understanding of any relationship. I may have learned a few things about silk that I didn’t know, but I didn’t retain the exact knowledge. What happened is that if I want to talk about silk, I have an overall idea of what I have to study up on it.

On top of everything else with this reading thing, I wasn’t pleased with the decisions the protagonist made; I found myself growing irritable and entertaining this underlying thought: “Are you crazy? Are you really that incredibly crazy?” Oh, well, I don’t suppose I have room to talk.

At evening came on, I scanned through the news page and read the article about George H. W. Bush’s new book, or rather one based on interviews with him. It was refreshing. But, then, drat it all, I clicked on a video by Dr. Gupta on following an Alzheimer patient who had been an assistant professor of dentistry at Harvard. It turned out to be a series of short videos. You know what? I’ve had times when my train of thought just went right out of my mind, leaving not a trace. That was enough to start a hypochondriac panic attack, which I kept at bay until I woke up after dozing off. Don’t Alzheimer patients doze off? ACK!!!!!

So how many numbers can I remember in row? What was the name of the guy who wrote such and such poem, and, for Heaven’s Sake, what was the title of the poem. So what am I remembering? One line? What was my phone number in West Chester? Panic time.

But I have a busy day tomorrow, catching up on what I let slide today and making time to worry about remembering what I’m to do. I can’t lie awake worrying now. I’m a mess, a sleepless mess and I’m not even in Seattle where I could feel sophisticated and go out an watch the ferries on Puget Sound.

Ok, I’m going to try and get a grip and close my eyes, although that gripping effort may hinder the eyelid relaxing endeavor.

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