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Tool bag and gadget bag

November 3rd, 2015 ·No Comments

I am trying to organize some important things into compact satchel type carriers that can easily go from one house to car to another house to back to car. Some things should probably just stay in the trunk of the car until needed and then returned – like the small sledge hammer, it is heavy. The pipe wrench would fit into that category as well, not to mention the small axe, and maybe the pruning saw because it wouldn’t fit in any bag too well at all.

Now the gadgets: that’s another matter. Der Bingle knows I have a penchant for gadgets and frequently sends me things from and when we go in a store, I gravitate toward such clever little things that I just might need sometime, but, more than likely, just crave playing with them. You have to watch temperature of some of these things – batteries and all that. On and off buttons are a concern too – jostled the wrong way in a bag and you may find a super flashlight boring a beam through the bag’s material. Then, there is the matter of the bag that suddenly starts making little motor noises.

But even if I get this all sorted out, there is the “borrowing” factor – folks have got the taking part down pat, it is bringing back part that is proving to be a problem. I have become very suspicious of anyone wanting a special screwdriver; heck, my experience with scissors is legendary and probably documented on this blog somewhere. Who else has to put “DO NOT TOUCH OR DEATH” on their scissors in magic marker? I have even drawn skulls and crossbones. Yes, this is my life.

My mind wanders. I started thinking of Pottermom scuba diving and all the equipment she has and thought if I did that activity, I would panic, hyperventilate and need to breathe into a paper bag. Ha, try that underwater. So do they have a plastic paper bag? You remember that little sledge hammer? I think now might be a good time for someone to tap in on my head.

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