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Car repairs today

October 27th, 2015 ·No Comments

I’m going to be at Shepherd’s in Kendallville at 10 in the morning – because my LaCrosse has this little “sensor problem” that can cause the engine to lose power. It happened once on the way back from Fort Wayne and I nursed the car to the dealership, thinking all the time that maybe my beloved 3800 engine was going to do me wrong, like a country-western song.

As I said, it turned out to be an electron problem and the gentleman at the service desk just shook his head and said it has happened to others and the part just “has a fit” and . . . it acts up in fits and starts. It wasn’t doing it at the time. So I drove it home with the advice that if it happened again, to pull over, stop the engine and restart it. It has not happened again. Yes, that is probably a jinx, but I only have to make it to 10 and about a mile away.

Obviously, I did not go to Fairborn, Ohio this past week-end; pulling over on an interstate for a restart didn’t seem like something I wanted to do, not to mention a possible major slump in power when I am merging and/or in the middle lane of three fast interstate lanes heading down I-75 with semis beside me, in front of me, and – how good are your air brakes? – behind me.

I will be certain to have a good book on my Kindle to read while the car had its procedure; the waiting area also has a big screen TV. I am a little nervous that a big Joe Biden head might pop up and announce, “I’m not running, but I want to say this: “Some ridiculous nonsense” or maybe once again informing a reporter that “We all know my IQ is higher
than yours.”

Want to see a replay of the latter? I couldn’t resist; here it is and pay attention to his list of achievements in law school. I think they were, uh, not correct. This Chicago Tribune article sums up the truth.

Or, check out this article Oh, and it links to the video above as well.

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