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Well, the washing machine gave up the ghost

October 20th, 2015 ·No Comments

Yes, the trip to Indianapolis tired me out, along with getting up at 5:30 to drive people to work, not to mention the cleaning of the middle basement in the Lagrange County house. It was the washer that gave my spirit a gut-punch and just stilled my fingers lest they type not nice words.

This has happened before, a little switch that goes crazy and won’t let the washer do anything for more than two seconds. I did manage to get the dial right on the spot where the pump in activated if the switch is working when the switch actually decided to spit out a burst of power. Thank God for the concept of siphoning; it was like a giant took a big suck on a hose in a gas tank and the water kept draining out. No bucket brigade was needed.

A new washer is going to be delivered Thursday morning; that will be dramatic because the laundry room, an altered pantry, perhaps former coat room – who knows – has this tiny access point. I got the old washer out and, of course, found yucky, mucky dirt underneath it. Now if this new Maytag can get installed and turn out like my first Maytag, that will be good. The first one lasted about 25 years. It was so old it was avocado green. That’s old. Pretty soon I’m going to have to start checking my color in the mirror.

Then, on the way back from Fort Wayne, a sensor “had a fit” according to the service technician and the engine had reduced power. We are waiting for the new part and so far, the sensor has not acted up again. Supposedly, if it does, there is a good chance I just need to pull over, turn the car off and then restart it. In today’s language, I suppose that is akin to rebooting it. Anyway, I am not depending on my accelerator for any powerful zooms around cars or turns into traffic.

I had a dental cleaning appointment for Thursday morning, the day of washer delivery, so I had to call and cancel. They put me on a call list and actually called last night and I got my teeth taken care of this morning. No cavities, Ma.

And in case you are wondering, I have bags of really dirty clothes because I chose this week-end to do battle with the middle basement room at Mother’s, dontcha know?

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