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Which way will it go?

September 6th, 2015 ·No Comments

Will I do stuff today or not? Oh, I could happily do “stuff” like going out for lunch, renting a nice car and driving to Oregon, munching a cookie. The question really is: Will I do  gosh darn, really annoying, dirty, tiring, crummy chores? If I do, I’ll bet I’ll be stomping around and not a bit like Mary Poppins. And to think all the chores my ancestors did just a couple of generations ago . . . Well, that didn’t have the hoped for morale booster effect? It’s looking pretty bad here, folks.


Yes, the kitchen has had some cleaning and the fence has a some priming, but the best  part was when my recruited worker got a sad look on her face and said, “We worked so much* and go so little done.” Oh, I know that makes me sound me and I probably am mean, but after years of pushing on, I couldn’t help but feel some fascination when she continued to remark on the amount of “sweat” on her body.

*One and a half hours outside. Not quite ready for the Japanese POW camps yet.

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