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Now it’s hot

September 3rd, 2015 ·No Comments

I recently mentioned our relatively cool summer and WHAM!!!!!, it is not 100 degrees, but it has been in the 90’s and humid. I believe the low was 70 last night. Of course, those who live in southern areas are rolling their eyes, I suppose, but it has been over a year since we have had warm nights and it feels a bit strange to have the air give you a moist hug when you venture out at midnight. (Trash night, dontcha know?) We are all feeling wimpy for remarking on the heat in parking lots, when we remember that three years ago, we would have been so glad to have a day that only made it to 90.

As for precipitation, well, it may rain and it may not. The percentages keep changing on my phone forecasts and, in fact, the sky alternates from angry to bright blue  – that would have annoyed me 50+ years ago in my suntanning days. Yes, I’m old enough to have been around when tanning was in vogue, although I do remember us all shuddering when we were at the pool at Indiana University and saw this lady with skin that looked like thick, creased leather. I think that caused me to wise up more than any scientific alerts.

It’s still mid-afternoon and I could put on crummy clothes and do something dirty – outside where it’s hot – and sweat. Or I could just sit here and think about it. I need to find my sunglasses, though. The hunt might take a long time; I imagine I might have more success if I got up and actually looked. The view over the computer is someone limited. Of course, I could look at that as a challenge.


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