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Long time . . . no write

August 21st, 2015 ·No Comments

I knew I had wandered away from the Peanut Butter Cafe & Roadhouse; I just did not realize how long I’d been gone. The days are somewhat of a blur, but the screen door has slammed behind me again as I returned . . . only no one yelled “AmeliaJake” like they yelled “Norm” on Cheers. Well, that’s okay, I’ve still got a place to sit and sip.

Some things did escape my attention. One of them was a plant that was included in a basket sent to Alison’s mother’s funeral. We had taken out all the separately potted plants from the arrangement for re-potting and somehow this one plant wound up on its side and under a couple of books.

I saw the little pot sticking out, sort of like the witch’s feet from the house in The Wizard of Oz, and quietly lifted the books. It was not a pretty sight. I picked it up and carried into where Alison was sitting and said her name softly, extending my hand. She sighed, “Oh well.”

I took the squashed green being into the kitchen and watered it a lot and let it lean; I think it’s deciding if it wants to try. I guess if it turns out to be terminal, I’ll just have to pull the root.


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