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Mowing in Lagrange County, Indiana

July 21st, 2015 ·No Comments

I am being very specific in the post title because I suspect my brain may be a little addled; I spent five and a half hours mowing. Yes it was on a riding mower, but we have had so much rain, with little drying time in between that the grass was sooooo tall. I had to put the mower height at the highest position for the major part of the yard and I still had to climb off the mower to clear out the chute. Many times – off and back on, off and back on.

Because it was on the highest level, the whole thing looked like a bad haircut and I had to go over it again at a lower level. And still the grass blades held so much water, the chute constantly clogged. Off and on; off and on. The tricky part of this off and on thing is that my cargo shorts are just the right length, given my height and the structure of the mower, that the back of the left leg kept catching on the shift that determines Forward, Neutral and Reverse. This was not a pleasant experience since it caught before my foot hit the ground and I could go no farther down until I had raised myself by my arms and kind of made a movement that hiked my shorts off the shift.

I do hope you didn’t try to visualize that. But here I am after all this adventure: crooked smile, crooked hat and crooked glasses.
mowing me

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