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Caught up in the grapevine

June 24th, 2015 ·No Comments

I have been trying to rescue part of the hedge from a grapevine – little did I know when I started that grapevines can be as much like a forest as a hedgerow. I believe I am going to set up a support a bit away from (what is left of) the hedge and let the vines I left have at it.  I’ll tell you one thing: grape vines are sneaky little critters.

I should set up a wreath-making project to recycle all this grapevine, but it reminds me too much of basket-weaving at the funny farm, which is undoubtedly politically incorrect, but never you mind.

I have a band-aid on my little finger from when the pruning saw slipped and I registered an “Ouch” and then no more pain, but did notice red spots on the ground where I was walking. There are superficial cuts on my third and second finger, so this is probably in the running with scissors category and makes me wary of using a chain saw.

Der Bingle had some excitement last night when a Cousin Vinny’s Pizza deliveryman pounded on his door at a quarter to one. It turns out the fellow in the apartment below, B as opposed to Der Bingle’s D, had ordered it and eventually he ran out to prevent it from being hijacked. To go from sleeping to trying to go back to sleep with the lingering aroma of pepperoni is traumatic.

I have downloaded a couple of Kindle Unlimited books and think I will start relaxing and take a break from my walking schedule. It is a little after five; in the winter it would be dark and I know I should be out doing something in the summer’s light, but . . . never you mind.

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