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Karl P. Schmidt: Someone told me your story

June 11th, 2015 ·No Comments

Of course, Karl Schmidt does not know I heard about him because he passed away in the late ’50’s. He was a herpetologist in the days when that group did not think one group of snakes was seriously poisonous. That group includes the Boomslang, which is now acknowledged to have venom more potent than that of a cobra.

I did not go looking for this story; my grandson who picks up tidbits of information from all sources, decided to relate it to me. I thought to myself that this fellow must have been a real dummy and looked him up on my trusty computer. Imagine my surprise, or to coin an AmeliaJake word, my aghastness when I found out he was Curator of the Field Museum when this happened.

I found a blog entry about him HERE and being who I am, went ahead to read about scary snake stories HERE.

I think I will tell my grandson to keep any odd stories to himself for the next day or two. (Although I, myself, got sucked into reading about lime juice being toxic when exposed to sunlight. Yes, the article involved margaritas.)

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