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A long dry spell

May 19th, 2015 ·No Comments

I may have had something to write here, but I doubt it – my mind has been in neutral. Now, that, mind you, may not be a bad thing since I can come up with some fairly crazy ideas at times. But, to catch up – which involves moving, oh, maybe half a step forward, I am getting ready to leave for Attica, Indiana where Susie lives to start my Memorial Day trip to the Kingman Fraternal Cemetery.

Every day I wake up and if I have not fallen asleep with my glasses on, I immediately reach for them. These glasses (which, yes, Der Bingle, are soon to be replaced) are seldom off my face when my eyes are open. Well, this morning, trip morning, they had fallen off the table and when the alarm went off and I went (Pardon me, Guido) batsh*t trying to get it to turn off. In that process, a bunch of electronic cords/chargers fell on the floor and obscured my glasses. They were lost – right there by my feet. Thank Good my feet didn’t find them.

Stunned by this decidedly non-AmeliaJake event, I loaded the car and then wondered if I had forgotten anything. Okay, the big urn of flowers for Daddy’s grave. After I rested my head on the steering wheel, I got out, got the flowers, got them seatbelted in the back seat . . . and decided to just sit for a couple of minutes. At the rate I was going, backing into a tree was not out of the question.

Okay, I think I can leave now.

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