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Hidden stories

May 14th, 2015 ·No Comments

Well, this post started off with a surprise. I typed the first letter in the down here in the body and bells started dinging and the words POST UPDATED appeared. I looked; I couldn’t find any updated post, so, with some trepidation, I will start again.

Blogs are all over the place these days, and if you were to include Facebook, you would find yourself up to your laptop in soap opera type plots. I think, however, there are many other stories out there that are not told, for one reason or another. Maybe I have one; maybe I don’t. But now I’ve started wondering: what are these people thinking that pass by me on the other side of the highway, or walking out of a store, or sitting at the next table in a restaurant?

The stories we tell and the stories we don’t. But like the tree falling in the empty forest, you can’t deny it fell- sound or no sound. Unknown stories swirl around us like radio waves. I feel a crooked smile on my lips as I realize this is the type of thing I ponder. Befuddled might be its description.

Here’s a wee story, though, rather than leave a void:
There is a navy blue eyelet dress hanging where I can see it; it was delivered this morning from Land’s End and it was on sale. I ordered it for Kathryn Feller’s funeral. It is crisp and classic and I think I’ll wear the gold locket that passed down from my great-grandfather. I’m having my hair trimmed and blown out at 8 am tomorrow; Donna of Scizzor Worx is coming in early to do to because at lot of people thought a lot of that 98 old gracious lady, who always thought of others first.

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