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Well, it’s better than having the pukes

May 6th, 2015 ·No Comments

Today, after cool weather well into the spring, it is supposed to get quite warm and by Saturday be 87 degrees in Fairborn. But I will handle Fairborn later; today is Kendallville and it rained yesterday and last night and the humidity is high. Pollen is also way up there, but I’ve been pretty lucky about allergies. I’m a little more aware of it now that I’m older, but no tearing eyes and running nose.

I have done a preliminary stomp of the trash and, knock on wood, we are in good shape for more trash to go in. This afternoon, we may get some sun and maybe the grass, which is tall, will dry out and I can mow. I may have jinxed myself. I put on a pair of shorts I found because jeans and humidity just don’t cut it. The shorts aren’t mine and I’m putting some faith in my belt.

However, I have been putting off going to Wal-Mart and it is becoming urgent – at least as far as paper towels and cleaning supplies are concerned. And grass seed. And dandelion stuff. But, do I want to go in these shorts with this dirty hair and a peanut butter smudge on the shirt I’d put on for stomping and mowing?

Probably not. And I certainly don’t want to go to the nursing home like this, so I am doing a drying-out-the-land Indian dance and hoping to mow, then shower and Wal-Mart myself and then head to the nursing home. (Getting dressed in decent clothes would also be in that line-up.)

The fellow at the nursing home has this extremely fast riding mower that cuts a wide swath. Here at Kendallville, I use this electric thing which is as slow as I walk and narrow to get around things. I’d trade jobs, I think.

I suppose I should go deal with the dishes in the kitchen sink, but maybe there is an Indian dance for them as well.

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