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Oh, my other place

April 2nd, 2015 ·No Comments

I guess I was just staring off into space, ignoring the remarks made by a female member of my household, one who quite possibly inherited my sharp tongue, when she noticed my lack of response and commented on it. I simply admitted that I had gone off to my other place – my other life. Well, of course, one doesn’t just ask AmeliaJake where that is and expect a detailed answer and I just replied, “Oh, in my house on the coast of California.”

Ah, AmeliaJake should realize by now that certain folks are not going to settle for simple answers, but she keeps coming up against it. So, AJ, being AJ, elaborated. We have now piece by piece uncovered knowledge of the floor plan of the coastal house, and have also found out about my alternate home in the Puget Sound area. You know, the house with the huge fireplace that a man could almost walk into. Yes, that one.

Such information has come as a surprise to her, and I must say that I, myself, am often quite amazed at the almost-forgotten details that have surfaced. My gosh, I can even describe people I suspect may not have existed. But, of course, they had to have; I mean why else would I be able to just spout these little stories about them? I do wonder if I will be able to keep them straight now that I have recalled them – Oh, well, if I don’t, I’ll blame the vagaries of old age.

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