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A Hijacked BLOG Post

March 29th, 2015 ·No Comments

The PBJ Cafe is home to a number of inhabitants euphemistically called UDOs, short for Ugly Doll Objects. We are often the butt of cruel jokes and unkind comments by the proprietor. For example while watching a Scottish film, I remarked that I would like to be a Laird and she remarked that that was only reasonable because I was already Lard. She thought it was funny. This is a little payback.
ubo author

This post will describe the slothful and slovenly way she spent her weekend. She sat upon the couch eating a DiBella’s Chicken Sub followed by Cousin Vinny’s pizzas while she immersed herself in the extensive library of BBC films offered by Netflix. At the end, she locked onto the Monarch of the Glen (all six seasons worth) although she only made it most of the way through the first year. Yes, this was the Scottish program the prompted the unkind remark.

As to the composition of the UDO emigres that haunt the PBJ, there are icebats (both blue and red), Guido (the black ninja bat) and about ten more.
two icebats
line of udos

Actually, she usually is quite nice when she is not trying to sharpen her wit by slicing poor defenseless little UDOs. Other than the occasional nasty remarks, it was enjoyable weekend.

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