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Hello driveway

January 15th, 2015 ·No Comments

Yesterday was trash-stomping day. I do this almost every week – get up on a stepladder and use my weight to compress trash bags in the bins. Yesterday I fell off the ladder. I don’t know; I was on and then I was on the driveway on my back.

Nothing broke and maybe the thin bit of packed snow had more give than the concrete. I lay their for about 30 seconds, ascertaining that nothing had broken, and then got up. Actually, I think I knew when I hit that I was okay, but the 30 seconds of just lying there was a break in the routine – no pun intended.

It’s not bad – lying on packed snow, looking up. It was better than the time I fell inside a wheeled trash bin and cut my forehead on a raised rim and had blood all over my face. Worse than the actual event was trying to get the ER doctor who was stitching my head up to grasp how such a thing could have happened. To this day, I doubt that he believed me, but I was not inclined to demonstrate.

So, it is AmeliaJake 0, Trash bins 2. Although, come to think of – I do believe I have backed into them once or twice . . . or more. They say revenge is a dish better eaten cold and yesterday started out at -2.

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