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I’ve been around

January 12th, 2015 ·No Comments

The thing about being around is that you end up where you started. That sounds logical, but I know it is just a little trick with words. And that’s okay; I’ve been around.

Touching on the “around” business, I did have to get new tires. That became apparent during the last snowfall and subzero temperatures that made the roads really slick . . . and I really want to thank the unknown pickup truck that compensated when I came sliding on through an intersection by WalMart. That could have been a traumatic shopping trip.

Kathryn had a bad spell and I sat with her rather than going to Clara’s visitation. I figured Clara had known how I felt. She would have been disappointed in me had I left Kathryn to “make an appearance.”

I’m going to have to buckle down on my diet because the nursing home spoiled me. They brought cookies and breakfast bars and offered to cook me whatever I wanted for breakfast. I must watch myself or I will become addicted to Fieldstone oatmeal creme pie cookies. I munched my way through them like a manic squirrel.

This morning is an errand morning, and it is an errand morning with more snow out there. The temperature went up yesterday to the 20’s, but it has slipped back down. I watched the Green Bay game, but skipped the Colts/Broncos. I had a feeling the Broncos would lose, and I just didn’t feel like watching Peyton Manning lose some of his finesse.

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