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Dozed off

January 4th, 2015 ·No Comments

I was intending to complain about the coming negative numbers in temperature last evening, but I dozed off. I woke up before midnight and could have posted, but simply went to the bathroom, took my medicine and crawled back under my Sherpa Moo blanket.

Not unexpectedly I woke up around five this morning and it is a quarter of seven and still dark. I don’t think I would do well in Scandinavia in the winter. Dozing changed nothing – it is still going to be very cold and snow is expected. In LaGrange County, maybe even some added lake effect stuff. Don’t you just love a good whiteout on the Toll Road? And I am still in a complaining frame of mind. Apparently, standing in thigh-high snow several times last year left an impression. Please, no remarks about thigh-high on me being ankle dusting on others. Oh, go ahead; I know it’s almost impossible to hold back.

I did buy a snowblower; I thought I would be so excited and anticipating snow. That didn’t seem to have happened. I think I assumed if I got a snowblower, it would not snow. Not the most scientific theory, but maybe it is what got us through December.

It’s definitely time to bring in lots of wood; I am considering just putting a log pile in the basement by that fireplace. I figure if I bring in frozen logs, there won’t be any snakes in the woodpile. Right?

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