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A nice surprise

November 9th, 2014 ·No Comments

I wasn’t bored, but I was feeling guilty that I had not done much today, which is, in a way, worse than being bored, and then I noticed a little lit-up brown light on my screen up where it says, “Howdy, AmeliaJake.”

I don’t know; maybe it had been there for days, but now I had seen it and I clicked on it and found alerts to comments on this blog and, gracious me, a comment on a comment I had left on another blog.

That blog post was about things going awry, to put it mildly and the author’s brother had commented it could have been worse and went on to describe tongue in cheek some details. I noted that I thought his account left me wanting more and supplied some possibilities.

I’m going to stop right here and say his comment was about a pump breaking while cattle are nudging you and your backhoe operator has imbibed and it is very cold. My reply concerned the cattle getting loose and whatnot.

He, a rancher – a real one out in Colorado – told me what really would have happened.

This is what he explained:

Nah, it would have been better if 12 yearling bulls got out, ran across the highway to a trailer park and started scratching their backs on the trailers. Moving them up to a foot up and down and sideways leading the groggy occupants to believe that they were experiencing an earthquake. Only to run out of their trailers, some barely clothed as this was nearly midnight, into the ‘dirty dozen’ bulls having the time of their life. Then after having their fun, leaving behind green graffiti on cars, trailers, and some on the ground, turned as a herd and ran back across the road into the pen they had recently vacated. They were so unruly that the only way they would stand for a lecture from a deputy was to be fed while he spoke to them about their obnoxious behavior. He did not mean for it to be humorous, but he had a hard time keeping from laughing during the lecture, especially when he asked if they had any questions. The one who did of course spoke with his mouth full, leading to an addition to their curriculum about manners around people.

Maybe he, his clever blogging sister, my innovative husband and I should write a blog about our “drive” around America. And I’m not talking the biggest ball of twine.

I don’t feel bored and my mind is off feeling guilty.

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