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The post about Shane?

October 11th, 2014 ·1 Comment

I regret what I wrote just recently; something is wrong with Shane and we don’t know what. Later that night Shane, who usually spends the night on his back with legs in the air on a big leather easy chair whined to go out and then we couldn’t find him. He was stretched out by the car. But he came in.

That following morning we had to go to Fort Wayne and when I got home I fed Shane, but he didn’t eat and I wondered if someone had already fed him. He lay around while I gathered up stuff to go to LaGrange and I thought he was pouting, thinking he wouldn’t go.

He got in the car and then climbed into the backseat and when I got up home, he didn’t jump out and seek varmints; he stayed on the seat while I toted in two or three armloads of things. He still wouldn’t get out and I had to open the door that he was facing to coax him out. He went to the back porch and lay down and he did not get up again until I had called the vet and led him back out to the car. At the vet’s he seemed dazed but stubborn. We muzzled him to get him onto the table and blood was drawn. His temperature was normal, but that was about all.

We decided to give him something to insure the night passed comfortably for him – as far as we could tell. He has been here,at the Kendallville place, not moving. I am going to go lie down on the floor close to him, but I am worried, scared actually. I am thinking I will never complain about being nagged with Wubbas again.

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  • 1 pottermom // Oct 11, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Oh no. I am so sorry he is feeling badly. I hope it just a canine cold or touch of the flu and nothing more. I hope he is soon recovered and up and bouncing and chasing those Wubbas as normal.

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