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The AmeliaJake App

October 5th, 2014 ·No Comments

Yesterday I listed a link to Hooked on Houses, and after I did so, I scanned through some of the other posts on that site, including the Worst MLS listings category. And that got me thinking. When I look through magazines featuring nice homes and decorating ideas, I need to have a computer app that will overlay the picture with AmeliaJake clutter and let me see what would happen if I lived there – sort of the opposite of The World Without People, but, in a way, having the same effect. Within a short time, I am certain, everything thing would be covered over with AmeliaJake undergrowth.

I know this because every time I walk into a model home or one of those Showcase Homes, I think. “Where are their things???” It is not funny, but shocking, how much I just don’t see as I walk through the rooms; then I will take a digital picture of something and, believe me, digital pictures highlight everything in the background – unless you do that bokeh thing. I find myself reeling at the . . . ok, I’ll own up and call it “mess” in the background. Gosh, I’ve got a lot of stuff.

So, yesterday, I decided to stream everything down. This could take time if done correctly, so I opted to not do it that way and just went around sweeping things into boxes and, at least, labeling what area of a room the box contained . . . so when I go madly looking for something, I will only have to look in the box where it was last seen. I’m being fairly brutal, sparing only the most necessary catch-all tins until I get my sea legs.

I know, I know. This will give the effect I am a living in a house from which I am boxing up in preparation for a move. But then, that might not be such a bad idea; another option would be to put a movie in the machine, start a fire downstairs and “sort” through the boxes. Of course, there is always the estate sale . . . kill me now.

I’ll have to be supervised while considering some of these options . . .

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