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Gee, Creative contextualization

October 4th, 2014 ·No Comments

I came upon a site in which a church policy was to use creative contextualization to enable all people to understand the Bible. A couple of groups were cited: explaining some message to young children as opposed to senior citizens. Now I am wondering exactly what is so difficult about the stealing and false witnessing (lying) part? It’s simple, straight-forward. Also referenced were different eras. Frankly, I cannot understand why it has to be discussed in more relevant terms because we are now in a modern culture.

I mean, lying is wrong. Stealing is wrong.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Am I terribly dense or is does that say just what it means. Just basic Christian values; you know, doing the right thing even though you’d like to have all the chocolate pie for yourself.

I don’t know, but I am considering the idea that anyone who thinks such things need to be explained or made relevant may not be far from justifying doing the wrong thing because times/circumstance/situations are different now.

This has nothing to do with any recent discussions about Christianity I may or may not have had; it has everything to do with my coming across a church website in which core values were outlined. When you use jargon such as creative contextualization, it seems so ironic you’re talking about making things clear. Heavens to Betsey, saying Splitting the Atom is pretty darn clear and that’s talking about nuclear physics. Creative Contextualization seems like the type of phrase you find in the infamous fine print.

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